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Tablet And Device Integration Solutions for Your Business

An interactive marketing strategy is no longer limited to simply having a tablet to showcase to your customers. In today's world, technology must work for you in a cost-effective and efficient manner. At TouchPoint Kiosks, we understand the growing need for greater diversity when using tablet kiosks, which is why we offer custom tablet enclosures with endless options for device integration solutions.

Some of our device integration solutions include:

Card Reading and Contactless Payment

By integrating a swipe card function or contactless ACS RFID/NFC reader with your tablet enclosure, you can streamline your business processes and provide better service to your customers. With a swipe card function, you can check someone into an event, use it to "unlock" the tablet operating system to begin an order, record points on a loyalty card, or even take secure payments – all on an ergonomically designed iPad or tablet kiosk.

With an integrated Chip and Pin facility enabling customers to complete their payment transactions, you can hasten the purchasing process and free up your sales assistants too, thereby helping you to drive more sales and interact with browsing customers.

Mobile Printing Facilities

Our securely housed printing facility allows you greater mobility with a TouchPoint Kiosks tablet enclosure. By integrating a printing facility within your tablet kiosks, you reduce the risk of tampering, dust accumulation, and tripping over the wire that would have been connected to an exterior printer.

Print receipts, vouchers, and tickets all in one safely secured housing unit with a TouchPoint Kiosks E.POS tablet kiosk.

Barcode Reading

With a TouchPoint Kiosks E.POS tablet enclosure, you can have a multi-functional tablet kiosk that enhances your digital marketing and sales strategy. Secure and portable, you can use your custom tablet enclosure to provide sales services such as barcode reading in a pop-up shop, exhibition, or campaign stand.

Biometric Scanners

We offer the integration of biometric (fingerprint) scanners into our tablet kiosks, providing a secure and efficient method for identity verification. This feature can be useful in industries such as finance, healthcare, and security, where secure and accurate identification is crucial.

Other examples of devices that can be integrated into a tablet kiosk include:

  • Passport/OCR readers

  • Cameras (via tablet device)

  • Swipe card readers

At TouchPoint Kiosks, we aim to provide you with a fully customised and versatile tablet enclosure that meets your specific business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our device integration solutions and how they can enhance your business processes.


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