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ELO Touch devices: Why your kiosk needs them.

About ELO Touch

Elo Touch produces multiple products (such as Touchscreens and All-in-one PC's), which can be augmented with Touchpoint enclosures. Elo Touch has manufactured a range of touchscreen monitors, touch signage, point-of-sale terminals, computer screens and display modules.

Elo digital signage can be further enhanced with an integrated Touchpoint kiosk enclosure that is designed to fit seamlessly into any Elo sign solution.


Why Use ELO Devices?

  1. Can be used for every in store experience

  2. They offer screen sizes from 7 to 65 inches.

  3. Any industry, any setting. From interactive retail signage to medical-grade touchscreens.

Touchpoint Kiosk Integration

Our kiosk system is modular and can accommodate any device, regardless of brand. This has provided us the opportunity to amass a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of devices.


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