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We provide modular kiosks that accept a vast array of devices. 

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Is your business struggling to provide a hassle free customisable and brand-able kiosk solution that suits the diverse needs of your customers?

our kiosks are MODULAR

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Why start from scratch? 

Our modular kiosk approach allows you to pick and choose what kiosk elements best suit your business. 


Think you might need to integrate a different device into your solution in the future? 

Simply order a new module and swap out the old.  

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our kiosks are CUSTOMISABLE

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Infinite Module Use

Every aspect of our modular system can be modified to fit your needs exactly. 

PED's? They can go anywhere.

Printers? A breeze.

Barcode Scanners? Wherever they're needed.

This list is as long as the devices you need.

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our kiosks are BRAND-ABLE

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Our kiosks are a blank canvas that can be branded to ensure your businesses branding is consistent. 

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our kiosks are DELIVERED FAST


Modular system

Our modular system allows new kiosks to be rapidly manufactured and/or assembled. 

*the speed at which kiosks delivered to you vary according to your kiosks specification.

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